You don't have to be young or physically strong in order to train Aikido, the practice will adequately build up your body and mind. Practicing people are often surprised at the abilities they already possess; and about those they are able to learn. In Aikido young and old, male and female, beginner and advanced student train together and learn from each other.

By the practice of Aikido, body and mind gain a new level of consciousness. The harmonic movements lead to an even mind. Aikido stabilizes muscles and the cardiovascular system, and strengthens the ability to concentrate. Aikidoka (people who practice Aikido) gain self-confidence and trust in themselves, others, and the situation. They learn to deal patiently with difficulties and find new ways to solve conflicts.


You are welcome to visit our training and get to know us and the modern Budo-art Aikido! Or you may want to visit our beginners course, which comprises 5 lessons (dates at your own choice). If you are interested please contact Eckhardt Hemkemeier or come directly to the course! The fee for all five lessons is € 15 (also available as a gift voucher!). In addition we offer workshops for schools or companies.