The Aikido Dojo Seishinkan

[Sei Shin Kan Kalligrafie]

Sei – purity, Shin – spirit or heart, Kan – hall or room: Hall of the Pure Heart, is the meaning of our dojo's name. Many dojos have names with such a meaning.

As the name Shimizu begins with the sign , (Shi – pure or clear, Mizu – water: clear water), several dojos in Tendoryu Aikido have a name that begins with the same symbol. Seiryukan (Hall of the Pure Style), the Dojo of Peter Haase in Lüneburg; and Seikikan (Hall of the Pure Ki), the Dojo of Marijan Tole in Rheinberg and Neukirchen.


In the year 2000 Eckhardt Hemkemeier founded the Aikido Dojo Seishinkan. In January 2003 he and his students moved to the new and now traditional location in Hamburg-Eilbek.

The dojo posesses 128 square meters of mat surface and is equipped with two changing rooms with showers. The interior is shaped by natural materials (wood, stone), a small lounge invites you to stay after training.